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13:44 minutes Katy Perry Takeover 3
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25:17 minutes Katy Perry Takeover 2
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12:49 minutes Katy Perry Takeover 1
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9:48 minutes Kris Allen

Kris Allen called in to talk about how his new CD is coming along. He talked about writing with Chris Daughtry and Mat Kearney.....the geeky tourist stuff he did in London.....and the funniest thing that happened to him on the American Idols tour

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Daria, Mitch and Ted

Daria Eliuk, Mitch Elliott & Ted Douglass - Afternoons 3-7pm on 105.1 The Buzz

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Sheryl Stewart

Music director and mid-day host Sheryl Stewart!

Daria, Mitch and Ted

The Buzz Afternoon Show with Daria, Mitch and Ted.

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Buzz Artists

Interviews and performances from all your favorite Buzz artists!

Dr. Lee Robinson

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee Robinson, is a weekly guest on The Daria, Mitch & Ted Show. He runs a practice out of Lake Oswego. To reach him, please visit his website at

Kemmer Barnes

At first, we thought The Geek Report would be a good forum for Ted to let loose the constantly churning geekery rolling around in his brain. But, it turns out, taking the lead in his own segment forced Ted to emerge from behind his own protective mask of sarcasm and cynicism, exposing the timid coward within. The newly exposed nerve of sincerity was too much for him to bear. So...he brought in his awkward childhood friend to take over the segment. Well, maybe friend is too strong a word....

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Kemmer Barnes....CEO of the I.M.J.F.F.C (International Michael J. Fox Fan Club)...walking encyclopedia of pop culture...and possibly the most socially awkward "man" to ride his BMX bike on the sidewalks of Beaverton. You can email Kemmer Barnes at with any of your geek questions. Or, y'know, if you just wanna hang out.

Movie Reviews

Robert Loggia, everybody's favorite semi-recognizable character actor from the 70's & 80's & that one episode of The Sopranos reviews your favorite movies with either Christopher Walken or He-Man's arch-rival, Skeletor: Master Of Evil! And, on the very rare occasion, all three of them attack a film (and then each other) at the same time. We're pretty sure you've never heard movie reviews like this!

News Of The Weird

MARVEL! Mitch's sometimes questionable choice of story! THRILL!... at Daria & Ted's devastating attacks concerning the validity of anything that falls out of Mitch's mouth! VOMIT!... when Mitch presents a story that will quite honestly be the most disgusting thing you've ever heard, and then... SCRATCH YOUR HEAD!... when Mitch is then disturbed by the mere mention of someone that hasn't washed their hands in the past 30 seconds! We present here the very best of examples of our very best segment... THE NEWS OF THE WEIRD!

Zip McCluskey

Join Daria & Mitch & Ted on an old-tymey adventure through space with the first "season" of their rollicking radio serial, ZIP MCCLUSKEY'S OUTER SPACE ADVENTURES IN OUTER SPACE!